Recycling options

Recycle packing peanuts
  • You can take them to the UPS store located in the Linwood Fort Lee Shopping Plaza. They will reuse them.


Read about recycling in other communities and industries

San Francisco: Residential Recycling
San Juan, Puerto Rico: solar compactors
Clean the world
  • Ever wonder what happens to those tiny, slightly used bars of soap in hotel rooms?  An Orlando-based company called Clean the World has taken to collecting used hotel soap, melting it down, and making new soap to send to impoverished countries. They're saving landfill space locally, and perhaps saving lives globally.
Sweden Opens World’s First Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods
  • Dropped off goods are sorted into various workshops where they are refurbished or repaired accordingly. Products are then sorted into 14 specialty shops that include furniture, computers, audio equipment, clothes, toys, bikes, and gardening and building materials; all garnered from second-hand products.